As a joke, I've made a list of all the things a pro player needs to play CoD multiplayer! (Note: this is a joke, so it may not actually work. Also, the reason I've been gone for a while is that my computer's been laid up with a virus.)

Here they are:

  • Microphone.
  • BradyGames guide for quick reference during play.
  • Litre bottle of Pepsi and Snickers multi-pack.
  • Catheter and bag (for extended Search & Destroy matches).
  • Trucker-strength caffeine pills (see above).
  • Lucky mascot.
  • Stress-ball (for when confronting a player using the MP40).
  • Motivational slogan (i.e. "I'm a l33t h4x0r!")
  • Pizza delivery number.
  • Explanation as to why you can't hang out with your girlfriend.
  • First-aid kit (in case your girlfriend finds out the real reason you're not hanging out with her).
  • Team-mates who will support you - or, at least, not rage-quit two minutes into the game.
  • A positive self-attitude.

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