I got BO for Xmas. Now, I think I'm ready to give a review on it. Single-player only - I don't play MP. (WARNING: You could be in for a "TL:DR" moment here!)

Ask any fan of the first-person shooter genre what their ideal FPS would be. They will more often than not tell you, one with lots of awesome guns, cool characters, badass enemies, and a gripping storyline. Now, maybe they have this - with Black Ops.

I'll start with what really astonished me: the graphics. When I saw the sweat shining on Reznov's forehead in Vorkuta, I actually shook my head in wonder. All the graphics for characters, vehicles, and the environment are a joy to behold.

On that note, the vehicles. I would have liked to see them play a larger role in the campaign, but they are still great, with simple, easy-to-master controls. For once, I can agree with Battlefield fans - I would rather fly a chopper myself than call targets on the ground for it.

The characters, my fave being Hudson, were interesting to play as, and almost seemed real at times, such as when Reznov is recounting how he saw Dimitri die from Nova-6.

Now, if I had one complaint, it would be the glitches. I ran into one yesterday where, instead of taking me to a checkpoint, the game takes me back to the main menu, after a random cutscene. (Off-topic: how do I fix this? I play on PS3.)

Overall, however, there is no denying that Blops is a great game, and a must-have for any self-respecting CoD fan. If IW, or whoever replaces them, want to make MW3 better than BO, they'll have a tough time on their hands.

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