I'm certain of it! The most severe incident occured a while back. There was a problem with my USB cable. Whenever I tried charging my controller, the controller kept switching off and a message kept coming up, "The maximum amount of power that can be supplied to USB devices has been reached. Remove at least one device". It went on like this for several months before I finally worked out there was a problem with the cable, and got a new one. So that cost me sixty euro.

Incident 2: I played Resistance 2 for a while, then tried playing World at War. Somehow, the game data for it had gone corrupt, so I had to start a new game.

Incident 3: The most recent. I was playing Cliffhanger on MW2, and stabbed one of the Russian soldiers in the back. It flashed up that I'd won the "No Rest for the Wary" trophy. I was confused, as I'd won that a while back. So I checked my MW2 trophies... The stupid, FUCKING console had deleted all of them!!!!!!!!!!

I can't begin to imagine what the PS3'll do to me next. It hates me, I know it does!

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