Yeah, yeah, off topic, whatever. Now that that's out of the way...

I think the game looks okay, except for one glaring fault - Ubisoft Reflections removed the ability to get out of your car. Bad, bad move. One of the coolest things (IMO) about Driv3r was being able to walk aound, explore interiors, go through alleyways too narrow for a car. Now that's gone, and we're back to the days when Tanner appears to be permanently glued to his seat.

Another thing - they could have made it so Tanner was at least conscious when the game took place. But oh, no. Tanner's gonna be in a coma for the whole game, with everything taking place in his head. Unrealistic much?

One thing I do like the sound of is the ability to "shift" to other cars. That sounds cool. But, really, for the two faults I listed above, I can't really get my hopes high for this game.

Predicted score: 6.7/10

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