Something that I've been thinking a bit about lately, mainly since I got MW3, is the campaign, and why it seems to be put in the shade in CoD in comparison to MP, regarding DLCs and the like. I don't understand why the campaign never gets a look-in, why the focus is nearly always on multiplayer. Some say that the campaign's only real purpose is to get you acclimatised and ready for MP.

They couldn't be more wrong.

I think, and I'm sure that some fans of my blogs (come on, I know you're out there) would agree, that the campaign is actually the core part of any CoD game. Without it, the game's value and appeal would, for me, drop considerably - perhaps even to nothing.

When I get a new CoD, the first thing I play is the campaign. And what's more, I relish it, and play it again and again for months on end. The campaigns in recent CoDs have, without a doubt, been the jewel in the game's proverbial crown, delivering action, drama, and simply unforgettable moments. Who could forget the nuke exploding in CoD4, or what happened next? Who could forget sneaking through Chernobyl to assassinate a notorious arms dealer named Zakhaev? Who could forget triumphantly flying the Soviet flag over the Reichstag? Who could forget seeing Washington DC burning? Who could forget seeing all the pieces come together in BO? Who could forget seeing the Eiffel Tower collapsing? Who could... well, you get the picture.

Not only does the CoD campaign have action, it has character. The main character's personalities are done so well that you can find yourself making a genuine connection with them. I was totally shocked and saddened when I saw (WHOOOOP! WHOOOOP! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!) Soap's death for the first time, and it fuelled up actual hatred in me towards Makarov. I decided, there and then, Makarov was a dead man walking... which was what made the game's climax all the more satisfying.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "So? What's the point here? What is this guy with the Spongebob avatar ranting about?"

What I am ranting about, my friends, is that the campaign in CoD deserves more recognition. It's more than just a game mode - it's an art form. It delivers a drama, and action, and character, that MP simply cannot compete with.

Summary (a.k.a. the "tl;dr" version): CoD's campaign deserves more attention than it gets. It is, for me, the core aspect of CoD games. The guys at IW and Treyarch - they should stop thinking up new MP maps or gamemodes or whatever, and instead focus on maybe adding things on to the campaign. That, truly, is a DLC that I would consider to be worth buying.

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