I'm making this blog in response to several forums, etc., on the web where people are saying "CoD is overrated, their fans don't know any better!" and stuff like that.

The CoD series gets consistently high scores year after year because every year it offers some of the best FPS experience you can buy. All those 9s and 10s don't mean CoD is overhyped or whatever — what they do mean is that IW and Treyarch are the masters when it comes to making a fun, fast-paced shooter. Sure, the series is hyped a little — but as long as the devs deliver, what's the problem?

In a way, the CoD series' popularity is a problem in itself. The reason for this is, once a game or TV show or whatever becomes really popular, it attracts folks who enjoy being different just for the sake of being different. For example, would you say that Grand Theft Auto is overrated? Of course you wouldn't, because it involves free-roam car stealing and hectic police chases and gang fights, among much else.

Yet, a quick Google search for "GTA is overrated" brings up over 900,000 results — all of which are wrong. It's the same with CoD. It's not overrated, it's not overhyped — it's just popular.

So, what do you think? Do you think CoD is overrated, or do you think it deserves its popularity?

NOTE: If there is anything like a flamewar over this, I will permanently disable commenting. You guys should be above stuff like that.

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