I was thinking a bit, and I realised: there are certain things on the wiki that will never change, no matter how much we might try to change them. I call them the wiki's "unchangeables".

Below is a brief list of "unchangeables".

  1. Smuff will always be the pr0est admin on the wiki (with the most epic rant, too).
  2. Eltomo will always be called "elmo".
  3. The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fad will never die out. Ever. (Seriously, every time I come here, I half-expect to see either this picture or this one taking pride of place on the main page.)
  4. Sgt. S.S. will always have the largest blog listing on the wiki. (Take a look for yourself if you don't believe me.)
  5. There will always be vandals.
  6. There will always be trolls.
  7. There will always be vandalising trolls.
  8. There will always be trolling vandals.
  9. There was another thing to do with vandals and trolls, but I forget what it is.
  10. One day, the wiki shall have in excess of one hundred admins.
  11. I will never know if COD:AGF is a policy or a guideline.
  12. There will always be fanboys on the wiki.
  13. There will always be crappy jokes and memes on the wiki.
  14. We will never agree on whether Special Ops or Zombies is better.
  15. This blog will always be awesome.
  16. I will always be awesome.
  17. The wiki shall never die! (Except for when the CoD series dies, but that's for another blog.)
  18. People here will never stop theorising about the survival of blatantly dead characters. Kudos to Raven for that one.

Can you guys think of any other "unchangeables"?

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