On IRC tonight, I pulled off what I thought was a very, very effective joke. Take a look below and tell me what you think. :D (You want screencaps? Too bad.)

Here it is...

[20:26] <@CommanderAway> The_Sarge u on firefox still

[20:26] == AureliaRosiar has changed nick to Dhaliarosa

[20:26] <The_Sarge> No, I went back to IE

[20:26] <@CommanderAway> WAT

[20:26] <@CommanderAway> WAT

[20:26] <@CommanderAway> WATHNrn

[20:26] <@CommanderAway> r#bbgdf

[20:26] <@CommanderAway> hndf

[20:26] == CommanderAway [~1337@wikia/N7] has left #wikia-cod ["dies"]

[20:26] <Dhaliarosa> lol

[20:26] <SeamusFinnigan> WAAAAAAT???

[20:26] == Pinkie_Pie has changed nick to Pinkie|Away

[20:26] <SeamusFinnigan> IE....

[20:26] == CommanderShepard [~1337@wikia/N7] has joined #wikia-cod

[20:26] == mode/#wikia-cod [+o CommanderShepard] by ChanServ

[20:26] <Pinkie|Away> IE?

[20:27] <Pinkie|Away> :|

[20:27] <@CommanderShepard> The_Sarge i just imploded

[20:27] <Pinkie|Away> srsly?

[20:27] <Pinkie|Away> You are jokin

[20:27] <The_Sarge> lol, I was just kidding

[20:27] <Pinkie|Away> phew

[20:27] <The_Sarge> Yes, I'm still on FF5

[20:27] <@CommanderShepard> OMG

[20:27] * Pinkie|Away almost has a heart attack

[20:27] <SeamusFinnigan> OH GOD CRISIS AVERTED

[20:27] <@CommanderShepard> NEVER DO THAT AGAIN

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