I remember when I first came here as a random IP, in the summer of '09, looking for help with COD4 intel locations. For new users, this is what it was like for me (if you know any nostalgic music, feel free to hum along):

Imagine a wiki that gives you the bare facts. Imagine a wiki where you are hard-pressed to find a trivia section, or real-life info. A wiki where blogging is non-existant, and users communicate solely through talk pages and forums. A wiki where all users are dedicated to the mainspace, and the mainspace alone. A wiki that is truly dedicated to its purpose - to be an informative site.

Welcome to the days of the pre-MW2 Call of Duty Wiki.

Now, in the post-MW2 wiki, we have blogs, trivia, etc. And I've been thinking. Thinking about the old days, when I first came here. And I wonder, agonize, over the question, "Which days were better?"

I can't decide whether I want the old CoD wiki back or not. I can't decide whether or not this sort of stuff (blogging, etc.) was what Pw3djoe and SWK would have wanted. Would they have welcomed it, or would they have turned their backs in disgust?

As always, I turn to my fellow wikians for their opinion - is the post-MW2 wiki better or worse? Which days were better?

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