(Important note: I'm not directing this blog at anyone on the wiki, just to avoid that minefield.)

This blog was inspired by two things: a blog post by TMOI complaining about the patch on the Model 1887s, and several YouTube comments. People make fun of people in multiplayer for using a certain weapon/perk/killstreak. They call them "n00bs" and call the weapons "pussy guns that r used by fagz". So I want to put this out there, once and for all.

Okay, here goes.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A NOOB WEAPON. Some weapons might have better power, or better range, but that makes them better, not worse. Like TMOI said, the 1887s were unlocked at level 67 for a reason - they were a reward for getting that far. If you're killed by an 1887, or M16, or grenade launcher, well then, tough luck. Just get up and try again. But oh, no. These little pussies decide to rage-quit (and of course, that ruins it for everyone if they're the host) and run crying to Mommy and get the guns nerfed. If you moan about being killed by a grenade launcher ("noob tube" to these idiots), then I've three words for you: GET OVER IT! GLs fire fucking GRENADES, of course they're going to be powerful. I also once saw a YouTube comment saying "the acog is for noobs and girls". Eh? What? How so, may I ask? Oh right, he can't give a reason, BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE.

They are called "killstreaks" for a reason. They are called "perks" for a reason. That's the way it is. Get the message now?

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