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User blog:Sgt. S.S./What is the definition of "pro" and "noob"?


What is the definition of "pro" and "noob"?

Before you read any further, please note that this blog is SARCASTIC. Thank you.

That's a question I've been asking myself, and I came to these conclusions:

Pro: A pro is a player who refuses to use anything that gives him any sort of edge. Rather than using a good weapon and taking quick potshots at enemy players, the pro prefers to equip a near useless gun'n'perk setup, then go charging head on into gunfire in a mad suicide attack. He does this as he feels this is the proper way of playing.

Sample quote: "Fuck the fuckin ump iz for pussies and fagz with no skillz, nd only fuckin noobs hide in a fuckin corner with oma nd stopping power. I run around nd only fuckin use my fuckin m9 cuz i am fuckin hardcore."

Noob: A noob is a player who prefers to take a more sensible approach. While the "pros" charge off to get ripped to shreds, the noob finds a good spot, usually at high ground, and sets up claymores, Tactical Insertions, etc. He then takes out his weapon, usually the Intervention or another long-range, powerful weapon, and starts picking off the pros, who are still charging around crazily in the open. As the noob has OMA as a perk, he doesn't need to worry about ammo shortages. The noob typically remains alive for longest during a match.

Sample quote: "It's not my fault you're too stupid to realise charging into the open is gonna get you killed. Damn 10-year-olds..."

So there's my definition of "pro" and "noob". I hope this was helpful to anyone else confused by the terms. ;-)

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