Right, I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm flaming, but I had to post it. I am sick and tired of people bitching all the f****** time about MW2. It's an absolutely brilliant game. The graphics are perfection. The storyline is awesome. I've never played multiplayer online (as I don't have an ethernet cable for my PS3), but from what I've heard, that's brilliant, too. There was a great plot twist at the end, and Of Their Own Accord = one of the most epic missions ever. But these little bitches keep whining about a crapload of stupid stuff. Here's just five:

  1. "The story's too short."
  2. "How did Price end up in the gulag?"
  3. "Who was the HVI?"
  4. "Russia couldn't invade America in real life."
  5. "The plot makes no sense."

So for all those fannies, here's the deal:

  1. Six hours is perfectly adequate, in fact it's more than enough. If the COD4 storyline was longer, it couldn't have been by more than a few minutes.
  2. Price was in the gulag for the murder of Imran Zakhaev, "Hero of the New Russia".
  3. The HVI was a VIP who obviously had important intel in that briefcase of his.
  4. It's a game, not real life.
  5. If you just think for a moment, you'll see that the plot makes perfect sense.

Get the message now?

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