I was flicking through the paper today, and came across a rather interesting article.

It seems that the new Medal of Honor game (the modern one) has a level set in Afghanistan, and gives you the choice to play as a member of the Taliban, fighting coalition troops. Personally, I think that's a great idea - now we can see a battle from both sides of the pitch. But British Minister of Defence Liam Fox brought the hammer down on the game, saying that it's "shocking" to justify fighting as the Taliban.

I think that that's bollocks. What affect will it have on players? I've played No Russian, and I've never had the sudden urge to go to an airport with a machine gun and kill everyone there. I'd say the chances of any player getting the urge to kill women and homosexuals after playing as the Taliban are pretty slim. So stick to pencil-pushing, Mr. Fox, and leave us gamers alone. Sheesh.

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