• Sgt Sprinkles

    New accesnion intel

    January 6, 2011 by Sgt Sprinkles well welcome to project 115 or as we know accension.

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  • Sgt Sprinkles

    GKNOVA6 zombies info

    September 28, 2010 by Sgt Sprinkles

    After watching the GKNOVA6 video i saw many things

    • A man with a hoodie and S10 gas mask a flamethrower and a PKM maybe
    • Many different guns with attachments
    • Possible SAS
    • An area filled with military zombies
    • Nazi zombies can be seen
    • Civilian zombies
    • New perks

    If you saw something not listed comment below

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  • Sgt Sprinkles

    I have ideas for new fun game modes

    Paintball new paint ball version of game modes

    Tracker 1 vs 17 in a warzone against an invisable enemy the tracker is given a tracker knife and is invisable camera spikes and thermal also heartbeats can find him mines cand kill him

    Goal: the the tracker must kill all black ops members if one operetive is killed fire at will and you might kill him

    Tracker has double health and is invisable player dont regen health

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  • Sgt Sprinkles

    Does anyone have any ideas for multiplayer maps.

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  • Sgt Sprinkles

    Who would win in a fight to the death the SAS or Navy Seals

    SAS equiptment

    Assualt rifles: C8,M16,HKG3,HK33,HKG36

    Side arms:Sig Sauer P226,Browning high power,Welrod

    Shotguns:Remington 870

    Sniper rifles:HK417,L96A1

    Anti Material Rifle:Aw 50

    Sub Machine guns:Mac-11,HKMP5

    Rocket launchers: stinger,M72 LAW


    Navy Seals equiptment

    Assualt rifles:M4A1 SOPMOD

    Side arms:Sig Sauer P226,MK23

    Shotguns:M4 super 90

    Sniper rifles:M14,MK11

    Anti material rifle:M82A1

    Machine guns:M60E3,M240

    Sub Machineguns:HKMP5

    Rocket luanchers,AT4

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