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SAS VS Navy Seals

Who would win in a fight to the death the SAS or Navy Seals

SAS equiptment

Assualt rifles: C8,M16,HKG3,HK33,HKG36

Side arms:Sig Sauer P226,Browning high power,Welrod

Shotguns:Remington 870

Sniper rifles:HK417,L96A1

Anti Material Rifle:Aw 50

Sub Machine guns:Mac-11,HKMP5

Rocket launchers: stinger,M72 LAW


Navy Seals equiptment

Assualt rifles:M4A1 SOPMOD

Side arms:Sig Sauer P226,MK23

Shotguns:M4 super 90

Sniper rifles:M14,MK11

Anti material rifle:M82A1

Machine guns:M60E3,M240

Sub Machineguns:HKMP5

Rocket luanchers,AT4

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