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  • Shacod

    First Blog

    April 4, 2010 by Shacod

    Decided to start a page for my account so I don't seem like a caveman. So this is just a random blog. I guess I'll talk about my playstyle and what guns I like to use.

    Mainly I'm a semi-rusher, I can't stand camping, it just is so boring and i personaly think its really cheap. I generaly snipe, I'll stay in 1 spot for 2-4 kills, then move to a different one. I'd say I'm a pretty decent sniper, not the best but atleast better than average. I also like using the AK-47. Not sure why, its just a fun gun. I generaly rush when i use the AK, and i can do a bunch of random movements and still be accurate while using it so it's kinda fun. Thats really all there is, I'm not a very complex player >.>

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