• Shadowfan68

    Your choice.

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  • Shadowfan68

    Well people, I am Shadowfan68 and this is my Opinion of COD: Black Ops 2.



    The Story looks really magnificent IMO. This is kind of a chance to wield a futuristic rifle amd kick some butt! Thanks N7 for sharing the Achievements.


    TRUE PWNAGE! This multiplayer looks exciting and awesome. Scorestreaks, assault shields. Wow-zilla.

    This is my whole opinion.

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  • Shadowfan68

    He has Red hair,Tan skin. Wears a Brutal looking backpack filled with weapons. Wears a Mobian Outcast clothing and pant.

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  • Shadowfan68

    Editor is broken.

    May 10, 2012 by Shadowfan68

    When I was Editing Black Ops 2 Weapons suggestion to type inside the commentary it was saying Loading editor... But not coming up. I suggest we fix the editor.

    Shadowfan68 10:55, May 10, 2012 (UTC)"A brothers oath is a brothers faith"-Shadowfan68.

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  • Shadowfan68

    To help COD wiki understand editing and or the Complex I had made this short thing of editing.

    Chapter 1:

    How to edit.

    Pepole always ask about my fanfics: How do you do tahat line and then move on?

    I say do this:

    It helps out with you to start a new line.

    Chapter 2: Learning how to edit for Pros.

    How do pepole learn how to do this? Well pepole learned it like Joe Copp learned how to edit as well. You can make perfect edits.

    Shadowfan68 10:42, May 10, 2012 (UTC)"A brothers oath is a brothers keep."-Shadowfan68

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