Warning: This Blog Post Contains Campaign Spoilers, read at your own risk.

Inspired by Smuff's list

Unlike Smuff's list, i don't have a super fancy opening statement, so I'll just get to the list. but first... a video

The 12 Things I Hate About Modern Warfare 3 (Christmas Parody)03:59

The 12 Things I Hate About Modern Warfare 3 (Christmas Parody)

And here we go...

1. Lag

2. Takes 3 hours to get into a lobby when you have a big party

3. Dead Man's Hand

4. Type 95

5. Teams of 6 Assassin's

6. Call of Duty Elite

7. Enemies spawning behind me

8 K/D Only Scoreboards(no matter what game mode)

9. Akimbo FMG9's

10. Non See-through Objective Markers

11. Invisible UAV's

12. Final Stand

13. Throwing Knives in Public Match Infected

14. 2 Players maximum in Survival Mode

15. Death Barriers in Public Match Infected

16. Derank Lobbies

17. Robert Trolling ("Fuck You Last Stand")

18. Quickscoping

19. The Striker

20. Underpowered AA-12

21. Shotgun's are primaries

22. Dull Colors Compared to Modern Warfare 2

23. Stealth Bombers in Support Strike Package

24. EMP in Support Strike Package

25. AI Controlled Killstreaks getting shot down almost instantly.

26. Campers

27. Campers using Type 95

28. Campers using Type 95 and Marksman

28. Shitty Matchmaking (Example: Being Dropped into Finished Games or a Game where your team is losing)

29. Panic Knifing

30. Built-in Commando perk

31. People who get mad at you when you hardscope (The way Snipers are supposed to be used)

32. Alot of Close Quarters maps

33. Tactical Insertion in Free-for-all(Promotes boosting)

34. Shitty Non-DLC maps(mostly)

35. Dead Silence was un-rivaled in the third perk slot until they patched Sitrep to counter it

36. Dophlin Diving Removed

37. Theater Mode in MW3 is complete shit.

38. Weak Riot Shield

39. No Combat Training

40. No Emblem Editor

41. No Co-op campaign like Call of Duty: World at War

42. Boosters

43. Deathstreaks

44. Underpowered Grenade Launcher attachment

45. Underpowered Underbarrel Shotgun attachment

46. Games ending before conclusion, AKA dropping lobbies

47. No Ranked Dedicated Servers on PC

48. Removal of Stopping Power

49. No Gold Desert Eagle

50. No Support for Competive Gaming(no time limit for LAN matches)

51. The Player who finishes off a player in Final Stand gets the kill, and the Player who put him in Final Stand gets an Assist.

52. Hackers in Public Match (Private/Offline Match is fine)

53. Kids under 10 years of age.

54. Random Predator Missle's

55. Turning Corners and dieing

56. Hit Detection

57. Weak and useless ass Frags/Semtex

58. Yuri dieing

59. Martyrdom


That was such a mouthful. lemme know if you enjoyed the video.

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