well. i got the Arctic Recon Special Ops Mission to work, but the Vortex, Intersection, and U-Turn Maps don't appear in the rotation when i search for a game of Face Off, and Second, when i select "the Struggle continues with all new maps" it tells me i don't have the maps, so i have to dashboard and relaunch MW3 Every time i want to play Special Ops, and third, if i try to load ANY MAP in MW3 in private match, i get a "out of memory 5" error, and i mean ANY MAP, even if it's not a DLC map, ALSO, you know how the DLC deranks you to level 1 in Special Ops Only? well, i am getting CONSTANTLY DERANKED, thats right, everytime i boot up MW3 i'm deranked back to level 1 in Special Ops again, i guess i'll just go play Lollipop Chainsaw instead.

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