Here's everything you need to know about the New June Elite DLC:

  • Playing the New Arctic Recon Special Ops mission will put you in a constant state of Special Ops Derank, meaning every time you launch Modern Warfare 3 you will be reset to level 1 in Special Ops.
  • to Play the new Face off Maps, Search Face off from the Elite Playlists, not the Face off Playlists which only consist of the original 4 maps
  • if you get an "Out of Memory 5" error when trying to load a map in Private Match, play one public match, try again and it will work.

The Following is caused by the New Title Update that was released on Xbox 360, which you are forced to install

  • Make sure you redownload all previous elite drops Excluding the June Elite DLC
  • All your Special Ops DLC can only be accessed upon launching MW3, if you play a multiplayer match then go to Spec Ops DLC, the game will say you don't have the maps, so you'll have to dashboard and relaunch the game, even then, some of the maps you've downloaded won't appear in the list, its completely random each time you launch the game, so you'll have to keep dashboarding and relaunching MW3 until you get the Survival Map/Special Ops mission you want to play.

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