I'm actually kinda disappointed in the knifing patch, I thought I would love it. Try getting the two melee streak needed for steady aim pro. Its hard as hell now. They haven't addressed the problem that you can knife any direction around you. I hate when I pass an enemy and they can melee behind them and kill me. It's FUBAR. Treyarch should just patch it so you can only knife say a 80 degree radius in front of you. And for me taking out the lunge ruins half of steady aim pro's benefit (although I use it for the other half anyways). Who cares about lunge recovery time if you cant lunge, it makes no sense.

In a game where we are trying to create balance in weapons it seems odd that we have a 100 damage attack that overwrites even second chance. Knives are not this effective in real life. I know that these games are for fun and not based in reality, but wouldn't it be nice if knives could only be used if you ran out of bullets? or maybe as a secondary weapon? To me the game would be more fun if we had to shoot those close to us and not worry about lunges or any of that crap. What do YOU think?

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