• Sharky boi

    Zork BO Easter Egg Page

    November 17, 2010 by Sharky boi

    Should we make one, or is it not really related to CoD??

    (If anyone doesnt know how to do it, its exactly the same as doa easter egg, but u type zork)

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  • Sharky boi

    Is this a good class??

    November 13, 2010 by Sharky boi

    Famas w/ Extended Mags and ACOG Scope.

    Makarov w/ Upgraded Sights.


    Willy Pete

    No Equipment




    The reason im asking is because i havent got a chance to use it yet. i got promoted to lvl 14 in my last match and then the server dropped out and im probally not going to play it again till monday. so i thought id ask your opinion before i use it.

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  • Sharky boi

    What does everyone else think of the new map? i know everyones excited about black ops zombies, but if anyone else has tried it, tells us what you think in the comments.

    I actually think its a great map, very close to the console version, better than the other maps on iPod/iPhone, it should keep me occupied until black ops is released.

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  • Sharky boi

    As a way of keeping the series fresh, where does the CoD Franchise go?

    Do they:

    1. continue with their series of modern warfare and the cold war era games?

    2. Make another ww2 game and hope that it works out?

    3. go in a completely different direction and create a futuristic warfare game as a way of putting more creativity into the series? (this i dont think is very likely)

    4. Create a fan driven game that puts in all of the fans ideas and suggestions (again, not likely)

    5. do they go in a different direction altogether and make a game set in ww1 or earlier (never gonna happen but wateva)

    6. or do activision give the rights of a main series game to another company besides treyarch or infinity ward (the sledgehammer game i dont think is going to be…

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