As a way of keeping the series fresh, where does the CoD Franchise go?

Do they:

1. continue with their series of modern warfare and the cold war era games?

2. Make another ww2 game and hope that it works out?

3. go in a completely different direction and create a futuristic warfare game as a way of putting more creativity into the series? (this i dont think is very likely)

4. Create a fan driven game that puts in all of the fans ideas and suggestions (again, not likely)

5. do they go in a different direction altogether and make a game set in ww1 or earlier (never gonna happen but wateva)

6. or do activision give the rights of a main series game to another company besides treyarch or infinity ward (the sledgehammer game i dont think is going to be counted as a main series game)

this franchise has covered alot of wars/conflicts, and i think to keep interest in this game will need to go with something new. im not talking in the short term, in the long term.

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