• Shepherd's ghost

    technically, im back and unblocked. on the red dead wiki, nobody yells at me every few seconds so i think ill spend most of my time there from now on, so im leaving. i may have to come here for black ops info but im gonna try to stay away. this place isnt what it used to be.

    peace out forever

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  • Shepherd's ghost

    the e3 demonstration has already disappointed me with...

    -CAR15, because the M16A1 is DEFINITELY not good or nostalgic enough...

    -nerfing of the .357. it needed 2 shots on that Cong.

    -a flashlight? what is this, dragon rising?

    -no tutorial on flying the hind. and why did it have to be a hind?

    -whats the point of the goddamn blackbird?

    -REZNOV FUCKING DEFECTED FROM THE SOVIET UNION?????????????????? HOW MANY TIMES HAS HELL FROZEN OVER IN THAT UNIVERSE??????????????????? that and i think they mightve changed his voice actor.

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  • Shepherd's ghost


    June 8, 2010 by Shepherd's ghost

    i just played the hidden spec op, and let me say it sucked sneaking through rural Prypiat without MacMillan. because wandering all about the outskirts sans macmillan is like jacking off instead of having sex. by the way, i only play breach and clear to use the semi-automatic rifle

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  • Shepherd's ghost

    i was playing FFA at crash, and my god there were these gay relationship n00bs that were so fucking annoying. one, gamertag ALKABOB5, was first hiding in corners waiting to throwing knife anyone that passed. i was pissing him off by dropping down from balconies onto him and meleeing him. then i realized he was saving all his predators to drop on whoever killed him last. eventually when i was killing him nonstop and he ran out of predators, he whipped out a FAL Grenadier, and used it only for the M203. once again so n00by its not even funny. by now he was actually not camping, and i was peter cottontail-ing around on the roof of one building, him on the ground, trying to get him to use up all his 'nades. he did, and i hopped down for an eas…

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  • Shepherd's ghost

    i am currently studying vietnam and here is what i think treyarch should put as part of the campaign:

    • search and destroy on vietnamese camps
    • napalm droppings (they can reuse the burning germans animation from their land, their blood)
    • being the soldier in the helicopter that was taking off from the tall building in saigon and rescuing people's babies
    • abusing reznov considering he is russian
    • waking up during a VC raid during the night and disorientedly fighting off an attack
    • being a paratrooper in the detroit riots, 1968 (not vietnam)
    • being in the chaos of the cuban revolution, i believe it was 1959?
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