so i was just playing mercenary TDM at rundown, using a simple M4A1 grenadier w/ holo to rip through the militia like soft cheese. towards the end of the game, i see a hoarde of them converging below the minigun. i did not have any explosive equipment, and i decided to leave rather than engage them with the M4. i head up the outdoor stairs to a nice position, then hear shots and realize the hoarde was following me. i aimed high, and headshotted 4 out of 6 of them. i did not have sentry gun or predator checked off, so the best it gave me was a care package. i go to the outskirts of down, pop the smoke and down it comes. CHOPPER GUNNER!! as the gunship flys in and the red outlines show up, i hear the worst thing i have ever heard in this game. triumphant music. the match ended before i could frickin fire a shot. at least we won.

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