after thickening up the stub of Gryphon 2-7, an article someone foolishly created for the helicopter extraction team in "Heat", i myself reviewed the campaign events of cod4 and came to this conclusion: the whole Al-Asad sideplot makes no sense. if in the very first SAS mission did the team storm the ship with Al-Asad's nuke, and the were fired upon trying to escape, a nuclear device of that size, and therefore large megaton yield were fired upon by various airstrikes from Russian MiGs, it would certainly have detonated or been fatally broken entirely. However, if by some "miracle" it was not hit, or did not detonate upon smashing, it most definitely sank along with the rest of the ship. now, it would be impossible for a diving salvage mission because the bering sea is practically freezing, and very deep. the nuke, no matter what condition it was in, shouldve sank to be ocean floor never to be found again. the nuke never wouldve gone off, the SAS never wouldve looked for Al-Asad, they never wouldve discovered he was a pawn of Zakhaev's, they never wouldve anticipated the nuclear attack, and I, along with anyone else on the east coast will have died next year

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