i was playing FFA at crash, and my god there were these gay relationship n00bs that were so fucking annoying. one, gamertag ALKABOB5, was first hiding in corners waiting to throwing knife anyone that passed. i was pissing him off by dropping down from balconies onto him and meleeing him. then i realized he was saving all his predators to drop on whoever killed him last. eventually when i was killing him nonstop and he ran out of predators, he whipped out a FAL Grenadier, and used it only for the M203. once again so n00by its not even funny. by now he was actually not camping, and i was peter cottontail-ing around on the roof of one building, him on the ground, trying to get him to use up all his 'nades. he did, and i hopped down for an easy kill. he ran about like a madman, and i slashed him and teabagged his cadaver, which i reserve for when a "player" must be severely humiliated. while my virtual balls were in ALKABOB's mouth, i was executed by his boyfriend, gamertag Chimax. with what? an RPG-7. i later learned that Chimax abused this as his lover did the M203, it being the only gun he used. i would get Chimax to waste his RPGs, slash him, teabag him, and then get blown to bits by ALKABOB5, and vice versa. every time i killed and orally raped one of them, the other would appear out of nowhere to blast me. ALKABOB won the match, Chimax came in 2nd, and me? 4th.

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