Basis: Time lab would be a miniature lab outside of der riese and connected to der kleine that a scientist uses to try and perfect the teleporter because he believes it cant go through space but time. Hes ben working in secret ever since masks forbid. The zombies attack the day before the expirament which happens to be the day that the gone and the day that four soldiers from the future that arrive by lightning. When you spawn the teleporter/time traveler won't work.

Rooms: Spawn room: A small room with 3 barricades a modified teleporter and the m-14 and olympia.There is 2 doors one leading to the Element 115 lab room while the other leads to the Perk-a-cola lab. Element 115 lab room(750): a room with 3 tables that have bottles of element 115 in liquified form. It has 2 barricades and the Thompson To get in you enter the door to the left of the radio in the spawn room. Perk-a-coa lab (750): A lab the scientist developing the time traveler uses to make the perk-a-cola. At first only Quick-revive is there. After enabling time travel Jugger-nog spawns once you return to the past. After doing other steps Double tap Speed-cola Stamin-up and finally the pack-a-punch. There are 2 weapons in the room the R-870 MCS and the Five Seven duel wield Aether expirament room (750): The room where the scientist Is expiramenting with the aether to make the mystery box.The mystery box is always here in either the past or the future. The only weapon is the Chicom CQB. To enter you must buy a door from the Element 115 lab room or the Perk-a-cola room.

Utility: Teleporter/Time traveler (1000): A device a scientist modified to travel through time. When you use it you can change the past so that the scientist can develop the perks and buy weapons. To make the time traveler work you must pick up the soul stone and use it to collect element 115 from the zombies you kill then build it onto the time traveler so it can work.

Radios: Instead of there being multiple Radios there's only 2 but they change messages depending on how you affect time. Radio 1: "Time traveling log 1 I believe I may have figured out the concept of time travel. I have gone.home and shall not return tommorowInstead I shall return the day after and test it. I have ben growing worried everyday as the groans of the zombies in der riese rise louder and louder"

Wonder Weapons: RS29(Ring Shooter 29): A weapon obtained from the mystery box or as a reward for completing the major Easter egg. that shoots expanding rings that constrict killing zombies on the inside. When pack-a-punched it becomes the ring x and the rings become bigger and constricts faster. Hypnus: A weapon that shoots orb rays that turn zombies against each other. Its only obtanible from the box and when pack-a-punched hypnotizes more zombies.

The wonder weapons were completely made by TimelessPeople and permited for my use. More info available at a later time.

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