Hey guys I have a ton of ideas and I wanted to share them so I made an acount


Thunder Bomber: this gun shoots a grenade that explodes with a thunder gun blast Pack-a-punched: now it shoots the grenade at high speeds killing zombies when it hits them and keeps on going until it hits a wall and explodes or until the player taps the tactical grenade button


Maze(in German): a map where the players spawn around a one roomed bedroom that opens for 750 and has the weapon mystery box on top.on each wall is a weapon: m-14, tactical knife (250), olympia, and semtex,. Around the spawn area would be a huge maze that is the whole area except the spawn. Zombies would spawn on top of the maze walls and jump down on the players. Thered be no power switch but there would be perm's in different areas that has a perk a wall weapon and a special mystery box.


Mystery box variants: every mystery box site would be for a different type of mystery box from the regular mystery box to the explosives box

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