Oh my, the big releases of this year. We have Mass Effect 2, BioShock 2, MAG, Dante's Inferno, GoW III, HG and SS, Final Fantasy XIII, and Bad Company 2. (Can you believe there are already 13 Final Fantasy games, not counting spin-offs?) Two days ago, I played the Bad Company 2 demo and it was AMAZING. The graphics weren't MW2, but the weapons and vehicles felt and handled great (except my damn left trigger on my controller was fucked up, and I couldn't get out of ADS half the time). The increased importance on objectives is certainly refreshing, and it has implemented something similar to Create-a-Class but instead of creating your own, you modified the presets.

Mass Effect 2 looks fantastic. The graphics are fixed and beautiful, the powers look flashier and more effective, combat looks streamlined, and the new characters look awesome (The psychopath looks especially awesome. :P). I'm just sad you have to destroy those mechs that look like Crisis Suits, and you can't use them (presumably).

The last game I'm going to make a remark about is MAG. As of yesterday, I now own MAG and it is awesome. The smallest gametype has 64 players (TDM), with the largest having 256 (Domination- has eight objectives instead of three, and squads are assigned a pair to take). The Create-a-Class-like system works really well, and gives you a level of character customization that MW2 couldn't. You can mount multiple attachments on a gun by default (some take three, others only take two), but there are fewer guns and the health system is drastically different. A note to prospective buyers- MAG =/= MW2. Your playstyle has to focus on the team, the objective, and taking orders from your squad leader/platoon leader/commander.

Now, what games are you going to pick up, and what's your opinion on any of the games being released early this year?

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