• SightedDeath

    I have an awesome idea for Zombies. When you go to the main menu==>Zombies==>xbox live==>find a match, theres Zombies, and after you select that, the zombie maps. But before you select the maps, there should be zombies and Free Roam. Free Roam is available for any map, disconnected from the leaderboards and you can do anything you want! You start with 100,000 points, ALL Call of Duty: Black Ops weapons are available in the maps on Free Roam, ALWAYS unlimited ammunition, and plenty more Perk-a-Cola's!! Plenty of glitches, NO PATCHING ALLOWED!! If you like my idea, let's see if we can actaully get it going!

    SightedDeath 03:34, May 16, 2011 (UTC)SightedDeath

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