Call of Duty: Black Ops' campaign really packs a punch. It's complex plot and mature feel really bring life to the series. It definitely picks up Modern Warfare 2's simple and friendly campaign and turns it into a gritty warzone. Black Ops still retains the badass action that we all enjoyed from Modern Warfare 2, but with a whole lot of chaos. Black Ops' campaign is the best in the series by far, with a great plot and well thought out scenes and game play, it is an experience you won't want to miss.


Zombies is back and better than ever! Call of Duty: Black Ops definitely retains the great zombie experience that everyone loved from World at War, but with some nice improvements. The levels are a blast, especially "Five".


The multiplayer counterpart is definitely the bread and butter to Black Ops. With addictive and fun game play, well designed maps and great customization, Black Ops definitely brings the best multiplayer experience in the franchise to the table, and you will be feasting for months.

The game play is great, the new dive feature is welcomed warmly and is really easy to use and get used to. Overall, it was a nice addition. Aside from that, the game play is basically a mix between World at War and Modern Warfare 2, the best of both.

The maps are half of what makes up Multiplayer, and Black Ops does not disappoint. With great scenery and attention to detail, the maps will give you a realistic battlefield, which makes for an authentic experience.

Black Ops customization is probably the best feature in the game; weapons, playercards, and even you character can be customized. It’s a blast messing around with all of you customization options and coming up with your own multiplayer identity.


Presentation – 9.0

Campaign – 8.5 (Short, but great)

Multiplayer – 9.5 (Breathtaking and deep)

Graphics – 10 (The visuals are amazing, and are definitely the best eyecandy out there)

Sound – 8 (The gun sounds to me are a little off, with or without a suppressor, they sound the same, and from a distance, gunshots sound like rattlesnakes.)

Total – 9 (Amazing)

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