• Skullvondude

    This isn't quite down the alley of CoD. In fact, it would probably play like a combination of MW2, BO, StarWars Republic Commando (Singleplayer), Battalion Wars 2, Medal of Honor (2010), and Battlefield: Bad Co. 2.

         •Squad Types

    1. Assault Team

    Sandbags and Shovels (Make foxholes), 2x Riflemen, 1x CQC, 1x Medic

    2. Machine Gun Team

    Tripod-Mounted Heavy Machine Gun (HMG), 2x Machine Gunners, 1x Rifleman, 1x CQC

    3. AT Team

    Tripod-Mounted Anti-Vehicle Gun (AVG), 2x AT Soldiers, 1x Rifleman, 1x CQC

    4. Stealth Team (All guns are silenced)

    Radar Jammer , 2x Rifleman, 2x CQC

    5. Sniper Team

    Bipod-Mounted Heavy Sniper Rifle (HSR), 1x Shooter, 1x Spotter, 1x Rifleman, 1x CQC

         •Soldier Types

    1. Rifleman

    Primary (Assault/Battle Rifle, Carbine), Secondary (Pi…

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  • Skullvondude

    You know what I would live to see in MW3? HUD customization. If I want my ammo indicators at the top and my minimap in the bottom right corner, I should be able to do that. If I want that minimap to have huge dragonflies for helicopters, sky-blue hearts for allies, and purple smiley-faces for enemies, I should be able to do that. If I want a bar instead of numbers to tell me how much ammo I have, I should be able to do that.. If I want my bolt-action rifles ammo indicator to look like a green LMG bar, I should be able to do that. If I want no HUD at all, I shouldn't have to have one. Also, I was a big fan of hipfire reticule customization in the Wii versions of MW and BO. All of these things would add a while new level of personalization t…

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  • Skullvondude

    Hey, I have a question: has anyone heard anything about Modern Warfare 3 being available for digital download on PC?

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  • Skullvondude

    My Modern Warfare 3 Wishlist

              1. Class Elements



    -Assault Rifles (Carry 3x mag size spare): M4A1, AK-74, M16A5, TAR-21, ACR, AUG, G36c, M14 EBR, G3A4, FN FAL, FAMAS, L85A3

    -SMGs (Carry 3x mag size spare): MP5A8, MP7A3, UMP, TMP, Vector, P90, Uzi, Skorpion, AKS-74u, Spectre M4

    -LMGs (Carry 1x mag size spare): M249 SAW, MG36c, L86 LSW, RPK, PKM, M60E4, MG4, XM22E1

    -Sniper Rifles (Carry 3x mag size spare): M82A3, L115A3, CheyTac M200, M24, M21 SOCOM, SVD, PSG1, WA2000, Mk. 12 Mod X Special

    -Shotguns (Carry 4x mag size spare): AA-12, SPAS-12, SPAS-15, Striker, Ranger, M1014, Winchester 1200, M870 MCS, DAO-12

    -Other: Riot Shield, Axe


    -Pistols (Carry 3x mag size spare): P99, G17, M92FS, M…

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