My Modern Warfare 3 Wishlist

          1. Class Elements



-Assault Rifles (Carry 3x mag size spare): M4A1, AK-74, M16A5, TAR-21, ACR, AUG, G36c, M14 EBR, G3A4, FN FAL, FAMAS, L85A3

-SMGs (Carry 3x mag size spare): MP5A8, MP7A3, UMP, TMP, Vector, P90, Uzi, Skorpion, AKS-74u, Spectre M4

-LMGs (Carry 1x mag size spare): M249 SAW, MG36c, L86 LSW, RPK, PKM, M60E4, MG4, XM22E1

-Sniper Rifles (Carry 3x mag size spare): M82A3, L115A3, CheyTac M200, M24, M21 SOCOM, SVD, PSG1, WA2000, Mk. 12 Mod X Special

-Shotguns (Carry 4x mag size spare): AA-12, SPAS-12, SPAS-15, Striker, Ranger, M1014, Winchester 1200, M870 MCS, DAO-12

-Other: Riot Shield, Axe


-Pistols (Carry 3x mag size spare): P99, G17, M92FS, M1911 MEU, MP412, MP443, Desert Eagle, .44, USP, CZ75, Colt Python

-Machine Pistols (Carry 2 or 3x mag size spare): PP2000, Micro Uzi, G18c

-Launchers: Crossbow (Carry 2x mag size spare), AT4 (Carry 1x mag size spare), RPG-7 (Carry 2x mag size spare), Javelin (Carry 1x mag size spare), Stinger (Carry 2x mag size spare), M32 (Explosive, Gas, Fire, etc., carry none spar.), M320 (Carry 3x mag size spare)


-Primary: Frag, SemTex, Throwing Knife, Incendiary Device (Molotov)

-Secondary: Stun 2x, Flashbang 2x, Smoke, Gas, Decoy 2x, Colored Smoke 2x

     Equipment: Camera, Radar Jammer, Motion Sensor, Claymore 2x, C4 3x, Tripwire Grenade 2x, Ammo Kit, Tactical Insertion, Repair Tool


-Optics (Customizable reticule, etc.): Aimpoint CompM2, ACOG, EOTech Reflex, Thermal Scope, Variable Zoom Sniperscope, Variable Zoom Thermal Sniperscope, Red Dot Sight, Magnifying Scope, Leaf Sight Scope (GLs only)

-Magazine: Extended Mag, Dual Mag, Mag Pulls, FMJ Ammo, Cloth Mag (LMG only, faster reload/movement), Shell Holder (Shotgun only, faster reload)

-Barrel: Silencer, Muzzle Brake, Lighter Barrel

-Other: M203, M320, GP-25, Masterkey, Heartbeat Sensor, Rangefinder, Flashlight, TacKnife, Dual Wield, Harries Flashlight

-Ammunition: High-Explosive (Better vs. Vehicles, worse vs. Infantry), Incendiary, Gas, Flashbang, Smoke, Grapple Line, Motion-Sensing Bolt (XBow), Remote-Detonated Bolt (XBow), Timed Explosive Bolt (XBow)

-Camos: Give us some patterns and colors, and let us mix & match



    Tier 1*  -Hardline

  Normal: 1 less kill or death for Killstreaks/Deathstreaks

  Pro: Re-Roll packages

  Elite: Choose 4 Killstreaks and 2 Deathstreaks


  Normal: Not detected by UAVs

  Pro: Not detected by Killstreak bonuses (Helicopter, etc.)

  Elite: Not detected by Spy Satellites


  Normal: Refill ammo and primary grenades from dead bodies

  Pro: Refill special grenades and 2x ammo

  Elite: Able to carry more ammunition, and can use other weapon's ammo


  Normal: Faster movement and sprinting

  Pro: Higher jumps, no falling damage, faster moving

  Elite: Infinite sprint

 -Flak Jacket

  Normal: Reduced explosive damage

  Pro: No fire damage, reduces blood on-screen when shot

  Elite: Less explosive damage, no effect from stun/flash

    Tier 2*

 -Sleight of Hand

   Normal: Faster reloads and ADS   Pro: Faster weapon switching

   Elite: Faster knifing and actions (Bomb plant/defuse, etc)

 -Steady Aim     Normal: Increased hipfire accuracy

   Pro: Faster ADS, higher chance of knife hitting the enemy

   Elite: Reduced ADS recoil, increased hipfire accuracy


   Normal: Increased bullet penetration

   Pro: Increased damage vs. Killstreaks/vehicles

   Elite: Increased bullet penetration and less recoil


   Normal: Longer breath holding

   Pro: Sniper rifles are more effective vs. vehicles, more steady while not holding breath

   Elite: Infinite breath holding


   Normal: 2 attachments per gun

   Pro: 1 more of each grenade type

   Elite: 3 attachments per gun

    Tier 3*


   Normal: See enemy equipment/Killstreaks through walls

   Pro: Steal enemy equipment/Killstreaks, chance of not setting off motion sensors

   Elite: Laptop to steal equipment/Killstreaks at a greater range, chance if not setting off Claymores


   Normal: Longer-range knife

   Pro: Faster knife throw, reduced flinch when shot

   Elite: Throw grenades faster/farther, reduced weapon swap time

 -Tactical Mask

   Normal: No effect from flash/stun

   Pro: Reduced glare and blood when shot

   Elite: See gassed/flashed/stunned enemies


   Normal: Quieter footsteps, do not set off motion sensors

   Pro: Longer fuse for Claymores, enemies are louder near you

   Elite: Throw grenades farther, completely silent

 -Second Chance

   Normal: Fall and use your pistol on death

   Pro: Longer bleed-out, can be revived, use of grenades

   Elite: Use all secondaries and SMGs when downed

    Equipment Perk

 -Night Vision Goggles

 -Gas Mask

 -Blast Shield

 -Fire Mask

 -Thermal Goggles

    Vehicle Perk*

 -Heavy Armor

 -Advanced Engine

 -Munitions Training (Faster reload)

 -Improved Ammunition (More damage)

 -Auto-Repair (When stationary)

      Killstreaks (Choose 3)***

 -UAV   3 kills, radar for 30 seconds

 -RC-XD   3 kills, remote control car-bomb**

 -Machine Gun   3 kills, airdrops a movable, heavily guarded mounted machine gun

 -UAV Jammer   4 kills, jams enemy radar

 -AA Turret   4 kills, airdrops an AA missile launcher

 -Mortar Team   4 kills, 3 locations to drop mortar shells

 -Care Package   5 kills, airdrops a Killstreak or ammo

 -Napalm Strike   5 kills, burning Airstrike for 15-20 seconds

 -Predator Missile   5 kills, control a missile's fly to the ground

 -Sentry Gun   6 kills, airdrops a movable automatic minigun turret

 -Airstrike   6 kills, delivers a large explosive

 -Resuscitation   6 kills, respawns all dead allies

 -MAARS System   7 kills, robotic fighting machine (look it up) **

 -Attack Helicopter   7 kills, helicopter flies above the map and kills enemies

 -XM25   7 kills, 4 grenades (look it up)

 -Spy Satellite   8 kills, reveals position/location of enemies, not affected by UAV Jammers, can't be shot down

 -Emergency Airdrop   8 kills, 4 care packages

 -Carpet-Bombing   8 kills, a long, lethal explosive Airstrike

 -Chopper Gunner   9 kills, gun down enemies from the side gun of a helicopter

 -Kamikazes   9 kills, 2 suicide planes packed with explosives

 -Pave Low   9 kills, heavily armed/armored helicopter

 -Stealth Carpet Bomb   10 kills, much quieter and no warning to enemies

 -AC-130   10 kills, kills enemies with 3 weapons

 -AC-130 Gunner   11 kills, control it yourself, allows an ally to take another gun

 -Attack Dogs   11 kills, digs attack enemies

 -Gunship   12 kills, complete control of an attack helicopter, allows an ally to take over driving/gunning

 -EMP   20 kills, disables enemy HUD, electronics, and vehicles

 -Tactical Nuke   30 kills, nuke destroys map, kills everyone, whoever called it in wins

      Deathstreaks (Choose 1)

 -Copycat   3 deaths, copy your killer's class

 -Painkiller   3 deaths, increased Life

 -Martyrdom   4 deaths, drop a Frag and all remaining grenades on death

 -Final Stand   4 deaths, crawl after death

 -Undercover   5 deaths, spawn on any ally vehicle, equipment, objective, or character

 -All-Seeing Eye   5 deaths, freecam for 10 seconds after death, can be cut short like Killcam

 •Player Customization

 -You will be able to choose your gender and handedness (Righty or lefty)

 -For each class, the player can choose one type of uniform: Digital Camo, Classic Camo, Solid Color, Flectarn, Blend (Like Fall camo on the Vector from MW2), and Ghille****. The colors will be set by your map and team

 -For each class you will be able to choose headgear including glasses, Kevlar helmets, berets, masks, face paint, bandanas, and some can go together (Ex. Glasses and a beret) and can use different color*****

 -Also, you can choose extra gear (Backpack, ammo vest, bulletproof vest, etc.) to carry for each class

 -No player customization effects gameplay, just the appearance of your character on the battlefield


 -Allow clan tags and emblems to be put on weapons

           2. Some maps from previous games I would like to see

 -Cliffside from WaW

 -Shipment from MW

 -Ambush from MW

 -Launch from BO

 -Overgrown from MW

 -Favela from MW2

           3. Misc.

 •Maps should be larger and use vehicles, but no air (reserved for Killstreaks)

 •CP/XP System

 -100 levels, 10 prestiges

 -All perks unlocked during the first 30

 -Every gun/perk can be unlocked for free 10 levels after it can be bought

 -You start with 2 of each gun type and perk, 1 of each grenade type, 3 Killstreaks, and 2 Deathstreaks. Killstreaks and Deathstreaks cost CP

 -All equipment and camos must be bought

 -Attachments can be acquired via completing challenges or buying them with CP

 -All player customization is free, and you start with it -Bring back customizable emblems

•At least one map that is in whiteout conditions

   *Tier 1-3 have 3 levels, Vehicle has 2

    **Dropped in a package, usage does not start until user activates it, can be hacked but not destroyed before use

    ***Each class can use it's own Killstreaks and Deathstreaks

    ****Cannot have any other player model customization, can only be used with a sniper rifle or silenced gun

    *****Some will not be shown while Gas Masks, NVGs, etc. are on

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