This isn't quite down the alley of CoD. In fact, it would probably play like a combination of MW2, BO, StarWars Republic Commando (Singleplayer), Battalion Wars 2, Medal of Honor (2010), and Battlefield: Bad Co. 2.

     •Squad Types

1. Assault Team

Sandbags and Shovels (Make foxholes), 2x Riflemen, 1x CQC, 1x Medic

2. Machine Gun Team

Tripod-Mounted Heavy Machine Gun (HMG), 2x Machine Gunners, 1x Rifleman, 1x CQC

3. AT Team

Tripod-Mounted Anti-Vehicle Gun (AVG), 2x AT Soldiers, 1x Rifleman, 1x CQC

4. Stealth Team (All guns are silenced)

Radar Jammer , 2x Rifleman, 2x CQC

5. Sniper Team

Bipod-Mounted Heavy Sniper Rifle (HSR), 1x Shooter, 1x Spotter, 1x Rifleman, 1x CQC

     •Soldier Types

1. Rifleman

Primary (Assault/Battle Rifle, Carbine), Secondary (Pistol), 1x Primary Grenade, 2x Secondary G, Melee

2. CQC

Primary (Carbine, SMG, Shotgun), Secondary (Pistol), 1x Primary G, 1x Secondary G, C4 Explosive, Melee

3. Medic

Primary (Shotgun) Secondary (Pistol, Machine Pistol), 1x Primary G, 2x Secondary G, MedKit, Defibrillators, Vehicle Repair Tool, Melee

4. Machine Gunner

Primary (LMG/MMG), Secondary (Pistol), 1x Primary Grenade, 2x Secondary Grenade, Melee

5. AT Soldier

Primary (Launcher), Secondary (Pistol, Machine Pistol), 2x Primary Grenade, 2x Secondary Grenade, AT Mines, Melee

6. Shooter

Primary (Sniper Rifle), Secondary (Pistol), 1x Primary G, 1x Secondary G, Claymore Mines

7. Spotter

Primary (Sniper Rifle), Secondary (Pistol, Machine Pistol), 1x Primary G, 2x Secondary G, Spotting Binoculars w/Rangefinder


   -Assault/Battle Rifles

BluFor: M16A4, L85A2, FAMAS, SCAR-H, G36e, M14

OpFor: AK-47, TAR-21, F2000, AK-103, AEK-971, FAL


BluFor: M4A1, G36c, ACR

OpFor: AKS-74u, QSJ-92, AN-94u


BluFor: M249, HK21, M60E4, MG36(e or c)

OpFor: Pecheneg, RPK-74, PKM, MG3

   -Sniper Rifles

BluFor: M21, M14 EBR, M40A3, M110 SASS, L115A3

OpFor: Dragunov, QBU-88, SV-98, WA2000, Lee-Enfield


BluFor: M870 MCS, SPAS-12, M1014, DAO-12, AA-12

OpFor: T194, Neostead 2000, M1014, Saiga 12k, USAS-12


BluFor: MP5A4 RAS, P90, UMP .45, Vector

OpFor: Uzi, PP-19, 9A-91, Vector


BluFor: M320, M32 MGL, SMAW-2, AT4, FiM-92 Stinger

OpFor: M79, MGL 140, RPG-7, M72, STRELA-3


BluFor: M92FS, P99, Five-seveN, G17, Anaconda, USP

OpFor: Makarov, CZ-75, MP-443, QSZ-92, MP-412, Desert Eagle

   -Machine Pistols

BluFor: G18c, TMP, MP7A2

OpFor: G18c, PM-63, PP2000


BluFor: M249-Heavy, M2 Browning, Minigun

OpFor: RPD, PKM-Heavy, Minigun


BluFor: Mk19, TOW Missiles, Guided Rocket

OpFor: XM312, TOW Missiles, Guided Rocket


BluFor: M24A3, M95, M82A3

OpFor: GOL, DSR1, .50 cal SVD

   -Primary Grenades

Frag, AT Grenade, Throwing Knife, Sticky Grenade

   -Secondary Grenades

Flashbang, Gas Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Signal Flare


KABAR, Steak Knife, KM2000, M11, Machete, Kukri, Tomahawk, Axe, Brass Knuckles, Trench Knife

     •Attachments - You can use 3 attachments at first, but unlock the ability to use 5 attachments total, one per slot.


Tactical Ironsights, Aimpoint CompM2, TASCO, EOTech Sight, Kobra RDS, Thermal RDS, Trijicon ACOG, Rifle Scope, Thermal Scope, High-Power Sniperscope, Variable Zoom Sniperscope, Thermal Sniperscope, Variable Zoom Thermal Sniperscope, Tritium-Illuminated Sights (Pistol), Leaf Sight Scope (GL)


Extended Mags, Taped Mags, Magazine Pulls, Armor-Piercing Ammo, Cloth Box (LMG/MMG only, faster move/actions), Drum Mag (Beta-C or RPK drum, converts ARs to LMGs), Shell Holder (SG)

-Barrel (Not available for Stealth Teams)

Silencer, Long Barrel, Light Barrel


Grenade Launcher (M203, GP-30, GP-25, M320, GL1, AG36, XM320, BS-1) Foregrip, Bipod, Flashlight, Laser Aim

-Side of Barrel (No pistols)

Flashlight, Laser Aim, Heartbeat Sensor, Rangefinder

-Second Hand (Pistol)

Tactical Knife, Flashlight, Dual Wield

-Ammo (Launchers)

Incendiary, Gas, Flashbang, Smoke


BTR-80, Mountain Bike, Motorcycle, Motorcycle w/Sidecar, ATV, Pickup Truck (Up-armored or not, MMG, TOW Missiles, or nothing on top), SUV (Up-armored or not), HMMWV (M249-Heavy, Minigun, Mk19, or nothing on top), M1A2 Abrams, Stryker, Zodiac, Inflatable Raft, Rowboat

     •Killstreaks (Choose 1 per kill amount)

 -UAV - 7 kills, see nearby enemies on map for 30 seconds

 -RC-XD - 7 kills, remote control car-bomb

 -UAV Jammer - 7 kills, jams enemy radar

 -Minigun - 11 kills, airdrops a  mounted minigun

 -AA Turret - 11 kills, airdrops an AA missile launcher

 -Mortar Team - 11 kills, 3 locations to drop mortar shells

 -Care Package - 14 kills, airdrops a Killstreak or ammo

 -Napalm Strike - 14 kills, burning Airstrike for 15-20 seconds

 -Predator Missile - 14 kills, control a missile's fly to the ground

 -Sentry Gun -19 kills, airdrops a movable robotic minigun turret

 -Airstrike - 19 kills, delivers a large explosive

 -Resuscitation - 19 kills, respawns all nearby dead allies and heals nearby wounded allies

 -MAARS System - 21 kills, robotic fighting machine with machine guns and grenade launchers

 -Attack Helicopter - 21 kills, helicopter flies above the map and kills enemies

 -XM25 - 21 kills, 12 grenades (look it up)

 -Spy Satellite - 25 kills, reveals position/location of all enemies, not affected by UAV Jammers, can't be shot down

 -Emergency Airdrop - 25 kills, 5 care packages

 -Carpet-Bombing - 25 kills, a long, lethal explosive Airstrike

 -Chopper Gunner - 28 kills, gun down enemies from the side gun of a helicopter

 -Kamikazes - 28 kills, 2 suicide planes packed with explosives

 -Pave Low - 28 kills, heavily armed/armored helicopter

 -Stealth Carpet Bomb - 33 kills, much quieter and no warning to enemies

 -AC-130 - 33 kills, kills enemies with 3 weapons

 -AC-130 Gunner - 37 kills, control it yourself

 -Attack Dogs - 37 kills, dogs attack enemies

 -Gunship - 37 kills, complete control of an attack helicopter

 -EMP - 48 kills, disables enemy HUD, electronics, and vehicles



1. Elimination - Kill enemy players

2. Sabotage - Attacking team has to destroy 4/5 enemy objectives

3. King of the Hill - Control a single zone to gain points

4. Invasion - Control zones to gain points, 5 zones

   -Co-Op (5 players max, one team)

1. Survival - Defend against increasingly skilled waves of AI enemies

2. Combat Mission - Sabotage + Invasion against AI

3. Spec Ops - Complete a single variable objective (Kill leader, destroy factory, etc.) while fighting off enemy AI


1. Hardcore - Less health, less HUD

2. Extreme Hardcore - Less health, no HUD, 1 life per player

3. Bare Bones - Less HUD, no attachments or Killstreaks


-Each player commands a squad of 4 men, and can switch between using each of them in first person mode. You can command the men that you are not controlling.

-There will be 100 players per game, 100 squads X 4 men per squad = 400 total men, 200 per team.

-AI take over any slot that is unoccupied by a player.

-The teams do not need to be even, as AIs can take empty spots.

-Each squad has it's own codename and consists of 4 men with codenames, which carry equipment items and a SOFLAM unit (Killstreaks) together. Each squad type has different equipment.

-You only have 1 squad and 4 men (no matter what type, same names), the squad levels together, but each squad type levels up separately.

-The teams are BluFor and OpFor.

-Maps are MASSIVE.

-Sniper Team - anyone can use the HSR, but Shooter is the best at it, and better with spotter to help. Spotter marks targets for the Shooter, other Squads, and Vehicles.

-The squad respawns once it has been wiped out completely.

-Normal respawn time is 20-30 seconds, but if 2 squad members are killed within 10 seconds, respawn time will be 3-5 seconds.

-Killstreaks - earned by kills achieved by the squad. Kill streak is reset when the squad is wiped out. Killstreak bonuses are kept if you are wiped out, and can be used in your desired order.

-You can essentially use 4 custom classes at the same time.

Skullvondude 05:59, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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