Is anyone else ready for the zombie uprising??? I sure am! Honestly? I can't freaking wait!! I have every possible detail of my survival planned out, weapons, escape plans, hideout, food, transportation, and especialy: company. I will carry around my machette for cqb along with disinfectant wipes for when i get a little bloody. i will hold up in the Gander Mountain in Lubbock, TX due to its large size and huge arsenal of survival equipment and weaponry, (ammo included). If food becomes a problem i only have to walk a few blocks to the Sams Club and stock up. Transportation you ask?? HA! well ive got that planned too. there is a perfectly good Ford dealership across the street from Gander Mountain, its also located conveniently next to a gas station. Now i submit to you fellow Zombie Hunters; WHO WILL JOIN ME!?!?!?

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