The title says it all, is the CoD franchise going too far?

The recent announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops III and the idea for it to be in a future setting similar to the previous game, Advanced Warfare, has me thinking if Activision and Infinity Ward have taken the series too far. Here's my reasons why.

1. Future setting vs. Modern setting

This began with Advanced Warfare. AW was the first game in the entire series to take place in the future, where there are new, advanced (hence its name) tactics for the player to use in combat. If you're like me, you prefer the traditional way of playing Call of Duty, like in MW3, the first two Black Ops games, and Ghosts. What differs from those games and AW is the addition of Exo, as well as some of the newer, futuristic weapons. While it may be amusing to novice players, it isn't the more-expierenced and seasoned ones. I hope the devs make a solution to this in Black Ops III. Its nice that they put Classic Mosh Pit in AW, but I'm mainly a Team Deathmatch/Free-For-All oriented type of gamer. And its no fun waiting like 1 or 2 games just so you can play your favorite game mode. Exo Zombies isn't fun either, it just take the fun out of playing Zombies.

2. New-generation consoles: Are they really worth it?

I play on an Xbox 360. And usually, I don't even play CoD. But some of the sequels to my favorite games are coming out on the Xbox One and PS4. Sound familar? I thought so. Anyway, is it really worth paying $300 just to play one game? Black Ops III is supposed to come out for new-gen consoles only. That's completely absurd! I know that the devs need to make money blah-blah-blah. But, what some of them don't realize is that the reason why some games, like Black Ops II for example, were such huge hits is because they were made for a platform that the majority of the gaming community either already has or can afford. There are dozens of other things than these new-gen consoles you can buy that are actually worth while. At least release some of the newer, popular titles on some of the older consoles or lower the cost to buy the newer ones, then you'll see the sales increase.

So, if you could get back to me on this I'd appreciate it, or you could put in your own thoughts. It's totally up to you. Thanks!  

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