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  • Slowrider7

    oblivious gamers & you.

    September 5, 2011 by Slowrider7

    An oblivious gamer is someone who refuses to realize modern games will always be leaps ahead of games from the late 90's/early 2000's, even in modern times. Here are some examples:

    "Jet Force Gemini had such a better story than Mass Effect or Uncharted. It's clearly better."

    -oblivious gamer.

    "Keep your Battlefield, Skyrim, and CoD. I'll have Superman 64!!!!!1!11!!!"

    -oblivious gamer.

    "Super Mario 64 and Galaga were truly great for their time."

    -Human with more than 7 brain cells.

    please, if you see one of these...things, beat them it within an inch of their life with your choice of a N64, Dreamcast, PS1, or even a Gamecube. (Controllers count.)

    brought to you by your friendly bro.

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  • Slowrider7

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  • Slowrider7

    (Note, this blog isn't my idea. It's from the Dragon Age Wiki. I just thought it would be interesting to post on different Wikis.)

    To be honest, I used to hate FPS'es. I was never an accurate shot and just though RPG's were better in every way. One day I was at my local game store and felt like getting my ass whooped in an FPS. I had to choose between CoD3 or Halo 3, and I picked Call of Duty. What aboot you?

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  • Slowrider7

    So nobody is going to deny that Modern Warfare 3 will be the next CoD in the franchise & will be coming out this year. I just wanna know, will you guys pass because of Black Ops/how bad MW2 was, or will you buy it and hope that Sledgehammer follows their claim of being bug free and 95+ ratings? I'm personally going to buy it. Remember, some people like Black Ops and some people are still enjoying MW2. Don't be flamin please.

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  • Slowrider7

    What I want for MW3.

    April 2, 2011 by Slowrider7

    Heres just a couple things I hope IW changes & puts in MW3.

    • Bandolier instead of Scavenger. It's pointless and with bandolier, it forces you to find another gun & try to survive. (Pro will be and extra grenade, akin to Warlord Pro in BO.)
    • Let Bling be a red/tier 2 perk, and Bling Pro be two attachments on the seconday.

    And then my favorite idea so far is killstreak critical hits. It was from an older game I think, because I know I didn't just make it up. For example, it would be shooting the camera on a UAV or shooting the gunner on a chopper gunner. It's mainly for people without launchers that wanna take out killstreaks. They would be very hard to achieve though, and some killstreaks like the Predators & AC-130 wouldn't have a critical spo…

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