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  • Smilular

    Well, last week was a total bust, but, if at first you don't suceed, try and try again. That's the thing with new ideas, it starts out as a seed in the ground, it can grow into a new yggdrasil or stay a buried gem in the ground to be dug up and eaten by a squirell. So, anyway, i'll take these over for a bit until they become a bit more popular, as comments levcels aren't that impressive.Ssince I can't really do my top five Call of Dutys (since I only own Black Ops, borrewed MW2, and played a bit od Cod4 and WaW) i'm going to instead hit the random page button, get a category out of that, and make my top five of that category. This week is... Zombies achievments. Wow, that sure is exiting (sarcasm). well, nontheless, this will mainly be Bla…

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  • Smilular

    Okay, so here it is, a blog idea I have been foreshadowing for a bit now, anyway, here's how this will work, depending on how popular this blog becomes this will hopefuly become a weekly thing. This week is more or less (mainly more) an informative blog about this new idea of mine. Below you will find information on voting and an example top five, so enjoy!

    To pick the top fives, I will tell you guys at the end of each list a subject to vote on, the criteria of what it needs to be will also there. You must leave what/who you vote for and your reasoning, if you simply agree with somebody just reply to the comment. However, if the blog does not get enough votes by the saturday of the same week, I will choose my own top five and post that inst…

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  • Smilular

    Hello people! Happy firiday the 13th! Activision has just released the first MW3 trailer (more of a teaser) on you tube (Link). It is not long but, instead of describing what is a hologram of NYC and green letters of AM3RICA and russian (or some language) at the end, i'll just let you guys talk about your thoughts, i couldn't be more exited. And please don't post any BF3>MW3 because we don't know much about either game at all. You heard it by me first! Smilular.

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