Last Week and Introduction.

Well, last week was a total bust, but, if at first you don't suceed, try and try again. That's the thing with new ideas, it starts out as a seed in the ground, it can grow into a new yggdrasil or stay a buried gem in the ground to be dug up and eaten by a squirell. So, anyway, i'll take these over for a bit until they become a bit more popular, as comments levcels aren't that impressive.Ssince I can't really do my top five Call of Dutys (since I only own Black Ops, borrewed MW2, and played a bit od Cod4 and WaW) i'm going to instead hit the random page button, get a category out of that, and make my top five of that category. This week is... Zombies achievments. Wow, that sure is exiting (sarcasm). well, nontheless, this will mainly be Black ops ones because that's the one I play zombies on the most and the only one I can determine how fun they are (though there are some WaW ones). Here we go.

Number 5- Sacraficial lamb.

Sacraficial lamb, pretty much, you upgrade a crossbow, shoot a friend with it, and kill six zombies with the explosion. Which is hard enough because your freind will probably go down, but the fact that the impact of the crossbow does more damage than the explosion make this a very fun and amusing challenge to complete. It takes my place as only number five because, it is a fairly hard and frustrating achivement to get at time.

Number 4- Acquire Waffle Weapons.

Yes, a WaW one. So this one is all up to luck and your ability to play solo, as you have to take the ray gun, wunder waffe DG-2 and monkey bombs into your possesion, which will usually take some time out of your life. But the fact that I get to play Der Riese for an extended amount of time, plus a great reward for getting this achievment, makes this my number 4 zombies achievment.

Number 3- Small Consolation.

The Shangri-la trophy that has you use the JB-too-long-and-complex-of-a-name-to-memorize (usually called the shrink-ray, or baby maker) on every type of zombie, it's so fun to see the zombies a little babies, except the monkeys, they just blow up (as Jar would put in- o3o). This is a fun achievment to get mainly because of the simplicity, get a weapon, then just wait foe some zombies to spawn, simple and fun, it takes my place as number 3.

Number 2- They are Going Through!

This acivement, on my favourite zombies map (ascention, for all you nubs) is a fun achievement that showed the raw fun and power of the gersch devices, watching the zombies explode going into a black hole whil you can just teleport through them. Acquiring a useful and kick-ass tool was the main outline of this achievement. On a fun map, a fun achievment could get my number 2 spot, so what could number one be?

Number 1- Read this Section.

No, that is not the name of the number one spot, just put that as a title holder so it would not be spoiled in the page index. The true number one spot belongs to a Shi No Numa achievement, way back when where zombies had only three maps. Enough stalling, the achievment is, Weapons of Minor Destruction. This achievement had you use a nuke power-up to kill no more than ONE zombies, just one, no more. A very, very tricky and fun achievement to get, it is a very hippo-critical acheivement for obvious reasons. This got my number one spot because of it's hilarity and sheer luck to get.

Wrap up

So, that was my first official blog post, I would really appreciate feedback and suggestions. And if you are wondering why I kept sayin achievements and not trophies (as i'm a PS3 player), I say, why the hell not? Anyway, next weeks top five is anyones guess (unless somebody were to hack the random page button), so this is Smilular, typing off!

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