Today Activision revealed that the American punk rock group Droppick Murphys will be performing on the first night of the Call of Duty XP event.[1]

"With an unbeatable lineup of real-world and in-game experiences, Call of Duty XP was already poised to be an historic event for fans of the franchise. The addition of Dropkick Murphys just makes XP that much more memorable. Few bands fit the bill better—we're thrilled to have them performing on opening day."
— Eric Hirshberg, Activision Publishing CEO[2]


The Dropkick Murphys, seen here playing at Shamrock Fest in 2011, will be the first act to play at the event.

For those not aware of the band, the Dropkick Murphys are best known for combining punk rock with Celtic folk music. Since forming in 1996, they've released seven studio albums. Their latest, 2011's Going Out in Style, reached #6 on the Billboard charts.

These aren't the only guys playing at the event; other artists playing include closing act Kanye West.[3]

For those of us who love translating random English sentences into German, this one should be a cracker. The German sentence "Ich liebe Battlefield 3" in English means "I Love Battlefield 3". But Google Translator is translating the sentence "Ich liebe Battlefield 3" into something... a little more... different.[4]

Instead of Battlefield 3, Google Translate humorously replaces it with Call of Duty 3 instead. (Don't believe it? Have a look for yourself...)


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