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CoDWiki news - April 22nd '12

Smuff April 21, 2012 User blog:Smuff
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What's up y'all? Nub 7 has a rubbish computer so you have me this week. So, as usual, here is a breakdown of all things Call of Duty.

Call of DutyEdit

  • There's been lot of leaks this week; a Gamestop employee dun goofed and accidentally teased "Call of Duty: Eclipse"; someone else also leaked a poster for Black Ops 2; and FPSRussia seems to have also dropped some intel on the game (See moar... (and moar...))
  • There appears to be some rather derpy employees at Activision also; achievements for the next two Spec Ops missions were leaked on PC after a patch. (True story.)
  • There was a double XP event on Friday after the launch of DLC on PC and PS3; if you're reading this then it's over. </sadface>

Call of Duty WikiEdit

Wikia and the worldEdit

Dat pollEdit

Your internet isn't working for a day, what do you do?

The poll was created at 23:45 on April 21, 2012, and so far 253 people voted.

That's all for now folks! As usual, someone else will be doing the news next week, and I leave you with a sliding lorry. Smuff[citation provided] 23:46, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

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