A big hello to all! As usual, here is the breakdown of last week's news about Call of Duty, Call of Duty Wiki and any wikia news that has transpired over the week...

Call of Duty

  • PC gamers recently received a new patch for Black Ops. As usual, the patch fixes a wide number of issues and also involves a slight sniper tweak. (See more...)
  • The new Escalation trailer is up! The DLC trailer, made by Raven Software and commented on by Treyarch, gives helpful pointers on how to play the future maps. (See moar...)

Call of Duty Wiki

Wikia and the world

  • A new chat feature known as Special:Chat is in beta stages and is available to the public to test out. It's a bit buggy, so if you find one be sure to point it out here! Note that to use it, you must have a registered account. (See more...)
  • Along with the removal of the javascript based history bar at the top of mainspace pages, minor technical changes are coming for users who use the rich text editor, including a revamp of the editor's interface. The usual more basic Wikia markup editor remains untouched. (See more...)

And on the lighter side...

  • If you haven't checked it out, be sure to check out our IRC channel, where you'll find the majority of our active administrator team.

That's all for now folks!
See you on May 1st! Smuff[citation provided]

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