'Sup bros, bronies, girl and nub, forget all about that IGN gaming fix podcast because here is the usual breakdown of all things CoD that happened this week:

Call of Duty

There's a lot here, so... *Takes a deep breath*

Modern Warfare 3

  • It's been a while, but the teaser trailer for Modern Warfare 3's new survival gametype was released. The two-ish minute trailer shown a tonne of new guns, old favourites and new gameplay mechanics. (The community seems pretty psyched)
  • Live in Birmingham?I feel your pain. Well, luckily for you, Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer demos will be playable at GAMEfest between the 16th to 18th of September. Tickets are available from just £5[1] provided you live in the British Islesumad US bros? and you have a Game Seward Card. (Srsly.)
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Defiance was also announced for the DS by Activision. Due to the low adoption rates of the 3DS however, the game will remain based on the standard DS and so will not feature any sorcery 3D support. (See moar...)
  • Another interview with Bowling taken place. As usual, reading took place, information was given and lulz were had by all.

Black Ops

  • Treyarch has released a teaser for the new map pack Rezurrection.i c wut u did thar The video shows footage from the 4 previous Zombies maps from World at War and the new map Moon. (orly?)

Call of Duty Wiki

Wikia and the world

  • It's good news if you're interested in buying a 3DS as Nintendo have dropped the price of their new 3DS console considerably, meaning that for anyone who doesn't already own one, you could say... Buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized and help make the articles better? But have no fear, early adopters who are probably kicking yourselves, for Nintendo has promised that you, their "ambassadors"weird name but k will get free st00f to make up for it.

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That's all for now folks
The failure of a reporter who abandoned us bronies to be a loner that is Nub7 will be back next week with the weekly news. I am Smuff[The cake is a lie], and I leave you with pictures of pedobear chasing children. Peace out.

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