A big hello to all! As usual, here is the breakdown to all of last week's news about Call of Duty, Call of Duty Wiki and any wikia news that has transpired over the week...

Call of Duty

  • The First Strike map pack has been announced to be released on March 3rd for Playstation 3 and late March for PC. Although the DLC is expected to be around £10, rumors are suggesting this could be raised to £15 after Activision's cancellation of future Guitar Hero installments. (See more...)
  • A recent patch for PC has been released, fixing a few issues, such as the further improvement of stability. (See moar...)

And on the lighter side...

  • Mr. Someguy has uploaded screencaps of the camouflages for all Primary Weapons in Black Ops. To find them, simply look on the article's gallery section where a link will be provided.

That's all for now folks!
See you on February 20th! Smuff[citation provided]

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