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A big hello to all! N7's on his iPod for some reason so you're stuck with me for another week (noes!). So as usual, I am Smuff, and here is a breakdown of all things Call of Duty. (And ponies :3)

Call of Duty

  • Infinity Ward are looking (or were looking) for some new people to take up positions in the company. While I'm sure none of us are 1337 enough to do it, we seem to have indications of a next-gen Call of Duty game for 2013. (See moar...)

Call of Duty Wiki

  • User of the Month nominations are open again, so shut up and go vote.
  • A big thanks goes out to everyone for allowing for and being patient with the SOPA black out on Wednesday 18th. In unison with many other networks such as Wikimedia, Reddit and Cheezeburger, 13 government representatives dropped support for PIPA and SOPA.
  • A community Juggernaut montage is being compiled, go send 1337 clips of yourself as a juggernaut for the chance to be featured and win a breath of oxygen!

Wikia and the world

  • For any administrators on other wikis reading this, Wikia launched the Admin Support Team for, well, support. Now if only they'd put some resources to bulking out Chat...
  • According to Metro, Capcom believes that Resident Evil 6 has the ability to attract Call of Duty players. (Read ALL the text!)
  • Since there's still the large possibility of it coming around, for anyone who lives in the US of A and hasn't already done so, tell your representative you don't like SOPA/PIPA
  • A new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode has been released! As usual, The Last Roundup can be found either on YouTube or on iTunes without the all-seeing Hub logo.

Dat poll

Blame Drk for agreeing this was a good idea. (Poll is collapsible.)

That's all for now, folks! As usual, I am Smuff, and I leave you with a hitchhiking dog. Smuff[citation provided] 00:57, January 22, 2012 (UTC)

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