A big hello to all! As usual, here is the breakdown to all of last week's news about Call of Duty, Call of Duty Wiki and any wikia news that has transpired over the week...

Call of Duty

  • First Strike comes out on the 1st February for all Xbox Live players for 1200 Microsoft points, about £10 in UK terms. PS3 and PC players should get the DLC next month for the same price.
  • The PS3 has recently received a new patch! Fixing a rather large range of issues from lag to the RCXD, the patch has made the game much more playable. Xbox players should expect a patch soon. (See more...)

Call of Duty Wiki

  • See a pesky vandal wiping your favourite gun page? Well now, rather than having to choose an admin to report them to and wait for ages, the wiki has made the Call of Duty Wiki:Counter Vandalism Unit page to go along with the cvn-wikia-cod channel on freenode IRC. Administrators check this page often, so expect a speedy response. In the mean time, remember to warn any vandals you see.

And on the light side...

That's all for now folks!
See you February 6th! Smuff[citation provided] 09:04, January 31, 2011 (UTC)

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