A big hello to all! As usual, here is the breakdown of last week's news about Call of Duty, Call of Duty Wiki and any wikia news that has transpired over the week...

Call of Duty

  • Well E3 came and went, showing us many new gameplay trailers including two for Modern Warfare 3. The gameplay trailers showcased the levels Hunter Killer and Black Tuesday, revealing new weapons and gameplay mechanics. (See more...)
  • In an AMA (Ask Me Anything), Robert Bowling confirmed many things about MW3, stating Diving-to-prone would not make a return and that the game will feature great post-launch support for all platforms.

Call of Duty Wiki

Wikia and the world

  • Along with Modern Warfare 3, many other things were unveiled at E3, including the PS Vita (PSV) and Wii U. Whilst the Wii U features a large screen on the controller, Sony has stated that there will be numerous games which will allow the PSV to fully supplement the PS3.

And on the lighter side...

  • Being the lazy idiot I am, I forgot to do this and had to do it on my iPhone. Yay for the Notes app!

That's all for now folks!
See you June 19th! Smuff[citation provided]

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