Hello bronies, nubby assassins (DO NOT WANT), girl and everyone else who can't be lumped into a category. As usual, here is the weekly breakdown of anything Call of Duty that's happened in the past week... Yaaaay... </Fluttershy>

Oily Fish Call of Duty

  • On another round of Twitter questions, Bowling revealed a number of custom game modes appearing in Modern Warfare 3 private matches including Juggernaut (lol good luck taking that thing down), One in the Chamber, Infection and Gun Game. (ORLY?)
  • Rezurrection has finally come out for the PS3 and PC after like, 9001 hours after the Xbox version. For 1200 Microsoft points, players can buy the same zombie maps they did for World at War at a discounted price compared to the previous game. (trufax)
  • The Call of Duty ELITE beta has arrived for Playstation 3 though remains in closed beta stages only. Originally an exclusive to just Xbox fanboys, now PS3 and PC fanboys will be able to perv on your stats also. (See moar...)

Call of Duty Wiki

  • Groups for the next Modern Warfare 2 Community Event have been drawn up. (Get practicing with yer n00b tubes bois!) The event is to take place on October first, and anyone who would like to sign up but has not done so already can place their name forward here. (Damnit I'm a leader again!)
  • Please go spam Redskin-26's talk page and wish him a happy birthday.

Wikia and teh world of irl

  • OnLive, an online video gaming service, has launched in the United Kingdom. Whilst the service is supposed to cost £6.99 a month for unlimited gameplay, players with BT Infinity can get three months alsolutely phr33. The catalogue isn't anything amazing and the graphics can be a bit shoddy at times, but there's a few good games such as Borderlands and Arkham Asylum to play; both of which have sequels coming out. (Tl;dr, if you have BT infinity give it a try).

The ish-weekly poll of awesomeness

Couldn't be arsed thinking of something funny to do, so...

What did you do for your Saturday?

The poll was created at 21:04 on September 24, 2011, and so far 325 people voted.

That's all for now folks! As usual I am Smuff, I have no idea on earth who the hell is doing the blog next week and I leave you with something so true that nopony anywhere can deny it without lying. Smuff out! Smuff[The cake is a lie]

Smuff's .gif of the week


hi ther im smuf (proud noob) and idk wat day it is coz im an idiot


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