'Sup bronies, nubby assassins and everyone else, the stupid nub I have to share these with is being a lazy ass, so you've got me this week! Yaaaay... </Fluttershy> As usual, here is your poorly written summary of everything that's happened this week in the world of Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Ex Pee

This week saw the Call of Duty XP event, which caused fangasms for many. The Nub tried and failed managed to cover it, and in the end we discovered many new guns, gameplay aspects and got a chance to laugh at the failures playing in what Activision liked to call it, "Pro versus G.I. Joe," a contest between 16 players to determine who could fail the most. In the end though, the failure with the M16 stood out the most by far, and for anyone who didn't see him, this was the jist of it:

But yeah, another big thing was the amount of guns announced. There were a lot, and some may cause a bit or confusion when it comes to names; mainly, there's the MP5K, the MP5, the MP7, the MP9, the PM-9, the P90 and the P99. Might take a bit of getting used to.

So yeah, be sure to check out this nooby blog and you might learn something!

Battle Call of Booty

  • Another big thing was that there was... some... concept art released? It looks cool, I guess... Either way, it looks like... concept art. Yeah. (Dude, I'm serious!)
  • The details of the Hardened Edition for Modern Warfare 3 were also released, which include a steel book case, a year's subscription to Call of Duty: FAIL ELITE and more concept art like that above. Looks like it's going to set you back quite a bit of money... (Looks legit.)

Call of Duty Wiki

Wikia and the world

  • It turns out Battlefield 3's singleplayer campaign isn't going to be as long as one would think. Even though your friends who like Battlefield more will naturally say the game is about multiplayer to avoid the subject, still make sure you laugh in their faces as hard as you can. (Srsly.)

The now standard feature that is TEH POLL

What did you enjoy most about COD:XP?

The poll was created at 23:19 on September 3, 2011, and so far 346 people voted.

That's all for now bros! Sorry this week wasn't as good as it could have been, I was pretty tired when I did this and I was in a rush to get off before my dad slayed me. I dunno who's doing the news next week, but in the mean time I leave you with DJ-PON3 as a filly. (Umad pony haters? I'm using {{R}} :3) Eh, what the hell; here's another one for anyone who doesn't like ponies :'( Anyways, Smuff out! (I need a themetune). Smuff[citation provided] 23:26, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

Here be .gif...s?


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